Brewers campaign ends as 100 join millionaire’s club

25Jul 2016
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Brewers campaign ends as 100 join millionaire’s club

FOR over two months the entire entertainments pubs have been hectic with the Serengeti Breweries’ Tusker promotion that became dominant across the country.

The liquor brand has dominated the rest in the market as people maintained their strong quest to have an opportunity of winning the million shillings. The brewers dished out the 100m/- sum as promised before the public at large as per the agreed terms and conditions.

The week seemed long as loyal Tusker lager consumers waited for the final draw to see if they would be the last ten conclusive millionaires of this campaign that took the country by storm. To mark the 100 winners and to conclude the 100, 000,000/- set, another 10 millionaires and the final winners were announced on Friday in a special finale draw that was held in ITV studios.

“We have come to the end of a very brilliant and well received campaign. We wish to thank our consumers for the great response that we have received in the last 10 week’s, we can say we have been totally encouraged to run similar promotions in our array of brands at Serengeti Breweries let alone Tusker.

Together with the 100,000,000 we have also had the opportunity to give away over 30,000 free beers, caps and other promotional materials to our consumers. I would like to thank the gaming board, our partners I would say, for being there for us to endorse the promotion and give us all the support needed throughout,” said Tusker brand manager Jasper Migambile.

“The promotion has presented us with many opportunities. We have changed people’s lives abundantly and we can comfortably say we have succeeded well in this promotion.

We have had winners who have used the money in their business, in paying for education and for other various development opportunities”, added Jasper excitedly.
In a twist of events a previous winner Michael Mwinuka conducted today’s draw. He was the first of the 100 winners and had used the money to pay for school fees for his children.

Throughout the campaign, the draw was conducted by Serengeti breweries officials and overseen by the gaming board but today this was not the case as the first draw winner of the promotion was given the opportunity to run the draw and choose the final ten.

As he ran the draw, Mwinuka said that it is a double blessing, to have had been named as the first winner in the just concluded promotion and also as being the one to reveal the last ten winners. “I was happy to have been given this opportunity, I believe it is a rare opportunity, to reveal my fellow winners in this final draw.

I was very excited to have won and I channel my money towards my children fees and as the school comes close to open, I have peace of mind with the term fees and I can be able to shift attention to other things as we continue to build the nation”, explained Mwinuka.
National Gaming Board official as usual oversaw Friday’s draw, which was held at ITV studios.

The following were announced as the winners; Jane Mchaki and Lilian Mateme (Kilimanjaro), Ramadhani Mwagace (Iringa), Angelo Caruso (Morogoro), Nyango J. Nyango (Mwanza), Kasmiry Membe (Tabora), Tina John, Mpate Mpate, Gerard Kaganda and Liberatus Massawe all from Dar es Salaam.

As if they were waiting eagerly close to their phones, all the final ten winners were available and very happy to have participated in this campaign and to have been the last to receive the money in this campaign. Some confirmed to have participated from the beginning while others it was their first time as they wanted to try their luck in the final week.

As much as the promotion was a consumer reward platform meant to increase sales, the main objective was to change people’s lives in various ways. Gaming board official Emmanuel Ndaki gave his opinion on the promotion right after the final draw and pointed that Serengeti Breweries has been very co-operative and has followed all rules and regulations and thus made it very easy for the gaming board to oversee the promotion. “The job of the gaming board is to make sure all promotions are run genuinely and we were here to make sure that this promotion was what it was outlined to be.

The promotion was easy to monitor, as rules were simple, one was supposed to simply buy a bottle of Tusker Lager (500ml) and look under the crown find a symbol/Wordings TUSKER MILIONEA.

After that one was to fill a voucher/ coupon, available at the bars, thereafter enter into the weekly draw that gave one a chance to win 1,000,000/-. We did oversee all the draws and made sure the winners revealed are the ones who received the money as we witnessed and cross-checked also the handovers“, said Ndaki.

‘Tusker Fanya Kweli Uwini’ was a national campaign that was launched ten weeks ago and up to today 100m/- was given away nationalwide.

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