Brewers unveil winners of entertainment promo

30May 2016
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Brewers unveil winners of entertainment promo

SERENGETI Breweries have unveiled the beneficiaries of their Tusker entertainment promotion at the end of the opening week on Friday.

Tusker brand manager Nandi Mwiyombela (L) communicates with one of the winners during a draw of the ongoing entertainment promo. Others were Games Board official Humud Semvua (C) and ITV/Radio One presenter Abdallah Mwaipaya (r)

The ‘Fanya Kweli Uwini’ promotion campaign kicked off impressively as the brewers released names of ten consumers who are entitled to get one million shillings apiece ahead of the second leg this week.

The promo was uniquely launched simultaneously in two regions, Dar es Salaam and Moshi as well as a few days ago in Mwanza. The first ten winners were revealed in a spectacular draw that was recorded live and overseen by the Gaming Board, members of the press and key players in this promotion.

The authenticity of the promotion is unquestionable as all winners were excited and surprised. They confessed to not have expected to win the cash prizes and most of all not this soon.

It is worth noting that apart for the winners from the weekly conducted draws, there have been Tusker lager consumers who won redeemable beers daily. The promotion has nine more weeks to go as 90 million shillings have been set aside for the eventual winners.

The first ten winners who took home one million shillings each are Rehema Matemba, Deogratius Shayo and Elias Poto from Kilimanjaro, Vestina Mainde and Doru B from Morogoro, Sebastian Joseph, Albert Tarimo, Michael Mwinuka and Festo Silvester all from Dar es Salaam

Speaking to the press, the first winner from Kilimanjaro, Rehema Matemba, was surprised and ecstatic as much as she participated in this promo a week ago, she did not count herself among the lucky ones.

The second winner Albert Tarimo expressed his joy and disbelief. They both hailed the brewers for always putting their consumer’s needs and coming up with amazing promotions.

“I was in ‘grocery’ where after enjoying my beer, I participated in the competition, normally I am not a fan of participating in any promotion, but I got help from the attendant and filled the form quickly, I am thrilled that first time I have done this I have won. I shall definitely participate weekly!”

Tusker brand manager Jasper Migambile said the promo which is open to all, had a great impact to the entertainment fraternity and all ten winners were excited and touched in a very special way.

As much as the promotion is in its initial stages, there have been more than 1,000 who won free beers in the bars and thousands have participated. “Since we launched two weeks ago, we have had great response from the entrtainmet fleet,” he said.

Draws will be held weekly and urged participants to step up frequency as the entertainment stands to be beneficial.

The lager’s marketing manager Nandi Mwiyombela said, “We want to remind our consumers that we still have more chas to be won and lots of free beers as well! There will be amazing activities close to all pubs every Friday and Saturday during this promotion, so join to win and change your life”.

“At this initial juncture of our campaign let me thank the entertainment fraternity for the royalty and the excitement showcased in th

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