Butiama football clubs get timely boost

12Jan 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Butiama football clubs get timely boost

SOCCER promotion in Mara has gained a timely boost, given the region's Butiama Constituency's Member of Parliament, Jumanne Sagini, has handed over 40 balls to various clubs located in the area's 18 wards.

Butiama Constituency's Member of Parliament, Jumanne Sagini (R), presents footballs to some of football officials representing the constituency's 18 wards' clubs last weekend. The soccer teams will play in a tournament, which will take place in the constituency later this year. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

The donation gears towards seeing to it the wards' teams prepare for a competition which will produce the best four squads that will take part in a district soccer league.

Sagini presented his donation when he visited the wards, noting he is seeking to fulfil the pledges he issued during the general election campaign which tok place last year.

The wards include Bisumwa, Buhemba, Bukabwa, Buruma, Busegwe, Buswahili, Butiama, Butuguri and Bwiregi.

Kukirango, Kyanyari, Masaba, Mirwa, Muriaza, Nyamimange, Nyankanga and Sirorisimba are the other wards that got the balls

He stated playing an active part in soccer promotion in Butiama is one of his pledges, insisting he is sure he will, in cooperation the sport's other stakeholders in the area, strive to see to it the initiative run smoothly...read more on https://epaper.ippmedia.com