Chaos precedes Yanga-TP Mazembe clash

29Jun 2016
Our Reporter
The Guardian
Chaos precedes Yanga-TP Mazembe clash

THE National Stadium was already full to its capacity by 08:00 in the morning as fans had flocked it to wait for the crunch match between hosts Young Africans and visiting Tp Mazembe from the DRC.

However, no one believed outside the stadium perimeters would then changed into a ‘war’ zone between fans and policemen throughout the hours before the match had kicked off later in the afternoon.

Fans knew for sure that the match kick off time is at 16:00 hours but they would not risk to miss the golden opportunity to watch the game that was declared free access to anyone.
However, the Stadium has its limit and it was abruptly full by 10:00 hours. Fans from the outskirts of Dar es Salaam who arrived late were overwhelmed by the news that no more seats left!

What next as fans were in total disbelief that their giant stadium was filled to capacity by 10:00 in the morning?

Few believed and changed their routine as many forced their way into the stadium to try their luck. The confrontation with police force was eventually inevitable as tear gas was deployed to disperse people.

The situation was really chaotic as some people were injured in the process. Police had to keep vigil for those rowdy fans who wanted to force their way into the Stadium.

Police had little trouble to control crowd as the match kicked off. In fact it was a relief for them to guard the stadium soon after the kickoff than before!
However, despite massive turn out of spectators, the host fans still lacked the guts to cheer their team throughout the game. The match kicked off at a cracking pace with Yanga launching attacks in earnest but few noises were heard as if their team was on an away soil! Most of them were waiting for the opening goal to raise their voices. It never came as the game approached half way mark.