Chinese community celebrates mid autumn festival in Dar

11Oct 2018
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Chinese community celebrates mid autumn festival in Dar

THE Chinese community in Tanzania yesterday celebrated the mid autumn festival by hosting food exhibition.

The event was held at the National Tourism College in Dar es Salaam and was attended by many people who included staff from the center.

Students from the college were  later taught how to prepare Chinese food.

The event was dubbed Moonlit Tanzania and the exhibited  traditional cuisine was from Qinghai Province of China.

The Qinghai cuisine menu included boiled mutton, sweet bread soup, sheep intestine noodles, sliced noodles with beef, dry noodles with sauce, Ga facets and Qinghai cold starch noodles, old yoghurt, among others.

Wei Gao, the director of China Cultural Center in Tanzania, said food is an important culture of the Chinese people and they value it as one of the essentials for a human being.

He asked Tanzanians to respect and value their traditional cuisines.

"In China we value traditional food, food is important for both body and soul so as we are celebrating our autumn, we want people in this country to test the traditional food from Qinghai," he said.

He further said the Chinese mid autumn festival is a family reunion in which among other things people share good memories.

The Chinese mid autumn celebration is a harvest festival which is held in the eighth month of China Lunar Calendar.

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