CRDB Bank Marathon 2021 cash prizes now unveiled

01Jul 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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CRDB Bank Marathon 2021 cash prizes now unveiled

ABOUT 45.4m/- will be handed over to this year’s CRDB Bank Marathon’s 32 winners, the event’s organizers have noted.

Tully Esther Mwambapa, CRDB Bank’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations, disclosed to reporters in Dar es Salaam early this week this year’s event’s cash prize have been improved so the marathon can have international appeal.

According to her, the CRDB Bank Marathon has already been registered by International Races’ Registration and Measurements Association (AMIS), in cooperation with World Athletics.

The development has prompted the institution to improve the event’s monetary prizes.

She noted: “This year’s race is not only a marathon but also an international race. We are prepared to present better prizes to winners.’’ 

She disclosed: ‘’In 42km event, the race’s winner is to receive 5m/-, the runner-up will be presented with 3m/-, a runner who will come third will walk away with 2m/- ad the fourth is to receive 1m/-.’’

The CRDB Bank official stated the increase in the awards has been caused by the increase in the athletes who will feature in the race.

According to Tully they expect about 5,000 runners from both in and outside the country to take part.

 She urged Tanzanians to register in big number so they can compete, as the race has earned international status.

According to the official, CRDB Bank Marathon is further aiming at promoting patriotism via making the country’s people work together to solve problems in their community.

She revealed: “Plenty of foreign athletes are registering for the race, but we would like to get more Tanzanian participate in the marathon so the prizes remain here.’’

The CRDB Bank official pointed out the marathon will improve Dar es Salaam’s economy and promote the city and the rest of the country.

She disclosed the event will be used to promote tourist sites and Dar es Salaam’s history that as well has Swahili culture.

Tully said the marathon gears towards bringing people together and backing needy people in the country and deal with other problems.

The institution’s official stated this year’s marathon seeks to raise about 500m/-which will used to back children that need heart surgery at Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI), and construction of call centre at Ocean Road Cancer Institute.

Athletics Tanzania (AT) secretary general, Jackson Ndaweka, congratulated CRDB Bank for hosting the race internationally.

He assured Tully Mwambapa that all cash prizes will remained in the country, given local athletes are currently training seriously in preparation for the showdown, slated for August 15.

Tully pointed out people who want to register for the CRDB Bank Marathon should visit the race’s official website

One person should pay 30,000/- to participate in the race, whilst groups should each pay 25,000/-.

All payment should be done at the CRDB Bank branches, CRDB Agents, SimBanking App, mobile phone networks and cards which gives people from eve outside the country to do payment.

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