Dar boxing pro secures manager

29Aug 2016
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Dar boxing pro secures manager

LADy fortune has smiled on Tanzanian professional boxer, Yona Segu, as he has recently secured a manager, Ras Simba, who will supervise the former’s participation in fights both in and outside the country.

Yona Segu

Segu’s coach, Aziz Chalachala, disclosed the former reached an agreement with his new manager after having taken part in a non-title fight against fellow domestic boxer, Mfaume Said, in Dar es Salaam on August 21.

“Simba has helped Segu secure a house at Kigamboni in the city and the latter is also currently attending driving lessons. Simba will buy Segu a car after the latter has completed the driving lessons,” Chalachala said.

“Any of the boxing promoters will, from now on, have to reach an agreement with Simba if the former is planning to organise a bout for Segu.”

Segu took on Said in an eight-round bout which was organised by domestic boxing promoter, Dotto Texas, and took place at the National Indoor Stadium and was declared a draw.

Chalachala also lamented that the Tanzania Professional Boxing Organization (TPBO)-sanctioned bout was deliberately declared a draw with a view to realising a huge turnout in a rematch between the two boxers, which is said to be slated for next month.

“TPBO and Pugilist Syndicate of Tanzania (PST) presidents, Yassin Abdallah and Emmanuel Mlundwa, are said to have reach reached an agreement to see to it that Segu and Mfaume meet in a title bout that has been sanctioned by the two bodies,” he disclosed.

“It was obvious Segu won the fight but the judges deliberately decided to declare it a draw given that the two bodies are keen on attracting a bigger number of fans in the next bout. The non-title fight was, first of all, well attended,” he said.

Chalachala, moreover, appealed to domestic boxing referees and judges to form a body with a view to ensuring there is fair results in both non-title and title fights held in the country.

“Should there be the boxing referees and judges’ body, there will be proper procedures for securing the services of the officials for bouts and the move will, in turn, play crucial role in ensuring there is fairness in the bouts,” he said.

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