Dar darts guru Vyas is no more

22Jun 2016
Japheth Kazenga
The Guardian
Dar darts guru Vyas is no more

DARTS fraternity in Dar es Salaam and the rest of Tanzania has been dealt a big blow as the Dar es Salaam Darts Association (DADA) treasurer, Bharat Vyas passed away in the city early this week.

Bharat Vyas

DADA chairman, Azim Haji Mohamed said Vyas suffered severe heart attack and began receiving treatment from Monday last week but his condition got worse few days ago.

“He had been suffering Malaria from Monday last week and he began complaining of chest pains and breathing difficulties on Sunday. His illness turned out to be severe heart attack,” Mohamed said.

“He was admitted to a hospital in the city on Sunday and he passed away the following day.”
He said Vyas’s death has dealt domestic darts a huge loss given he loved the sport and committed himself fully to the promotion of the sport in the country.

Vyas, Mohamed said, had served as the Upanga Darts Club (UDC) secretary general for over 20 years and also served in various leadership positions in the regional darts governing body, as well as the Tanzania Darts Association (TADA).

Apart from operating as the DADA treasurer, Vyas had lately been serving as the secretary general of Ilala District Darts Association (Ilada) and Patel Brotherhood Darts Club.

“He recorded details of all tournaments from 1970. He had been travelling with the rest of the UDC members to different parts of the country to participate in tournaments,” Mohamed said.

Vyas, Mohamed said, had, as well, developed close cooperation with the domestic media and ensures the latter play an active role in the development of the sport.

Mohamed disclosed Vyas‘s burial will take place in the city today.Vyas had been a member of organising committees of various competitions organised by Ilada, DADA and TADA.

Recent competitions he supervised include the last year’s Kaunje Memorial tournament organised by Friends Darts Club and Dar es Salaam darts club championships organised by DADA.

He had also attended the TADA’s National Darts Club Championship in Mbeya last year, as well as this year’s championship that took place in Dar es Salaam.