Dar to field three teams in East Africa netball championship

10Feb 2017
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Dar to field three teams in East Africa netball championship

TANZANIA will be represented by three teams in the East Africa netball championship penned for April 23 -30 in Nairobi, Kenya.

National netball association, CHANETA, chairperson, Anna Kibira.

National netball association (CHANETA) chairperson, Anna Kibira, mentioned the outfits as Uhamiaji, Police Morogoro and Jeshi Stars.

She said she is confident the outfits will perform well in the tournament as they are currently undergoing intensive preparations ahead of the event.

“We are ready for the tournament. I'm told all of our teams are undergoing intensive training at their respective bases and, going by experience, Tanzania's teams have been performing well in the East Africa tournament,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kibira said CHANETA has yet to receive communication from organizers of the African Netball Championships - Confederation of African Netball - on the country that will host the tournament.

Despite having talented players, the national netball team has not competed in any international tournament since CHANETA's new keadership took over.

With the exception of Uganda, national netball teams in East Africa do not compete international tournaments and are also not ranked on the International Netball Federations (INF).

Tanzania and many other East Africa countries are regarded as ideal for creating world-class players as they produce dozens of tall, lean, crafty and supremely athletic netball players.

However, the development of the sport in the region is facing a lot of challenges which include poor administration, lack of money and corporate sponsorship.

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