Dar hosts national darts club tourney

14Apr 2016
Japheth Kazenga
The Guardian
Dar hosts national darts club tourney

TANZANIA darts players will have opportunity to prove their worth when they take part in this year’s national club championship scheduled to take place in Dar es Salaam from April 30 through May.

Tanzania Darts Association (TADA) has organised the annual tournament in an effort to maintain effective promotion of the sport.

The tournament, according to the organisers, will involve three events namely singles, doubles and team games for both men and women categories.

Participation fee, as disclosed by organisers, is $10 for each player in the singles event, whereas the doubles’ event fee is $15 for each pair.

In the team games, the men’s category’s participation fee is $50 for each team, whereas each of the participating teams in the women category will pay a fee of $25.

Singles and doubles events will see players lock horns in the best of five legs’ format from the preliminary stage to the quarterfinals.

The two events’ semi-finals and finals will be played in the best of seven legs and best of nine legs’ formats, respectively.
In team games’ men’s category, which will see each of the participating teams field four players, the teams will play best of one leg’s matches in round-robin format.

The women category’s team games, in which each of the team will field two players, will also see the teams play the best of one leg’s matches in round robin format.

Registration of the participating players will be conducted at the tournament’s venue on April 29.
The premier darts competition at the domestic level will be the first event to be organised by the newly installed TADA leadership, which came to power in February.

With competent outfits from Kenya having been invited to take part in the national championship, domestic darts clubs will certainly be under pressure to prove they have what it takes to win the event.

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