Dar junior chess players impress in Mombasa tournament

04Dec 2017
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Dar junior chess players impress in Mombasa tournament

TANZANIA junior chess players performed well in the Light House tournament which took place in Mombasa, Kenya over the weekend.

The outfit, which is expected to make its way back to Dar es Salaam today, was represented by eight players from Don Bosco Chess Club, which is based in the city.

The tournament attracted junior players from Burundi, Uganda,Tanzania and the hosts Kenya.

Don Bosco Chess Club's head coach, Kara Louis, said the tournament's categories were combined , U-8, U-12, U-16 and U-18.

 He said Tanzania performed well in the U-14 girls' category, as Parashar Aryaman emerged as the category's winner with 8.5 points, while Sugam Screen finished second with eight points.

The U-12 girls' category saw Tanzania's Additya Bhattbhatt emerge as the winner with 7.5 points.

Louis said Tanzania's top junior chess player, Cleopas Charles, finished second in the U-16 category with 6.5 points while fellow player, Khamis Ame, finished fifth in the same category with 5.5 points.

"The team played well in the tournament, we are pleased with their performance, they are expected in the country tomorrow (today)," he said.

The outfit, as revealed by Louis, travelled to Mombasa with financial support from Friends of Don Bosco and Don Bosco games coordinator, Joachim Sivila, who was also the delegation's leader.

The tournament was played in the FIDE Round 9 Swiss format.

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