Dar kickboxer to participate in non-title fight

11Jan 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Dar kickboxer to participate in non-title fight

TANZANIAN kickboxer, Amos Mwamakula, will take part in a non-title Welterweight bout against compatriot, Hashim Kilaga, which will take place at the P.T.A Hall at Sabasaba in Dar es Salaam on February 6.

Dar es Salaam's kickboxer, Amos Mwamakula (R), pictured with his coach, Esmail Abdallah 'Van Dame' when the duo announced the former's non-title bout against Hashim Kilaga, which will be held at PTA Hall, Sabasaba in the city on February 6. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

Speaking to reporters in the city last weekend about the fight, kickboxing coach, Esmail Abdallah ‘Van Dame’, said that Mwamakula is well prepared for the fight, so, his opponent should be well prepared too, as Mwamakula is now back in a unique way.

Abdallah added that he and his boxer are currently training for the bout, noting preparations for the bout are in full swing.

He explained that apart from the kickboxing fight there will be boxing matches, one of which will see Lulu Kayage face Agnes Kayange.

In other bouts, Jitu Rajabu, coached by Rajab Mhamila 'Super D', will fight Daniel Mwakafyale, whilst Shabani Kaoneka will fight with Butel Obeid.

Coach Abdallah said that the kickboxing fight is organized by Jamukaya promotion in partnership with Black Panda firm...read more on https://epaper.ippmedia.com