Dar Paralympics athletes set to miss 2018 Commonwealth Games

27Nov 2017
The Guardian
Dar Paralympics athletes set to miss 2018 Commonwealth Games

TANZANIA’s Paralympics athletes will not be part of next year's Gold Coast Commonwealth games as they have failed to attend a qualifying event.

TOC secretary general, Filbert Bayi

Tanzania Olympics Committee (TOC) said the Paralympics athletes have missed a qualifying tournament whose deadline was November 30.

TOC secretary general, Filbert Bayi, said after having failed to attend the qualifying event, it is likely that Tanzania will not be represented by Paralympics athletes in the Commonwealth Games.

He said TOC has not communicated with Tanzania Paralympics Committee (TPC)on the development as the former are waiting for appropriate time.

"The information, which we have now, is that Paralympics athletes will not compete in the next year's Gold Coast Commonwealth games, they did not compete in a qualifying event whose deadline was November 30" Bayi revealed.

"Paralympics athletes need to compete in an event that will help them get ranking, if they are to qualify for the Commonwealth Games," he said.

TPC secretary general, Tuma Dandi, said he has not received the information from TOC but confirmed to have heard it from people within the committee's circles.

"I have heard it from people who are close to TOC but we are waiting for an official letter from the committee, we always communicate with committee in official way, I hope they will communicate soon," he said.

Meanwhile, TOC said they will have a meeting with the government and national sports association, which will field athletes in the next year's Commonwealth Games, on Friday.

Bayi said the meeting will come up with a number of athletes who will represent the country in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

He said it is likely that the number will be reduced as TOC wants quality athletes for the games.

Tanzania's athletes earmarked for the Commonwealth Games are from athletics, boxing, swimming, table tennis and Paralympics.

"We are having a meeting on Friday with the government and sports association, there is a pressing issue of allowances which the government wants to solve as it wants to give good perks to deserving athletes," he said.

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