Dar soccer players should relentlessly pursue trials in foreign clubs

08Nov 2018
The Guardian
Dar soccer players should relentlessly pursue trials in foreign clubs

TANZANIA's soccer player, Ismail Mgunda, who tuns out for South Africa soccer giants Jomo Cosmos, has called on fellow domestic players to pursue trials outside Tanzania so they can make full use of their talent.

Ismail Mgunda puts his skills to show for South Africa's Jomo Cosmos during one of the side's matches in the First Division League recently. PHOTO: AGENCIES

Mgunda, who previously turned out for Tanzania Mainland Premier League outfits of Ruvu Shooting, Ndanda FC, Coastal Union and Stand United, issued the call at his residence in Morogoro recently.

He disclosed his participation in trials in Tanzania's outfits played a crucial role in his acquisition of a professional stint in South Africa.

He said he had earlier had trials at Ruvu Shooting before the start of the 2015/16 Mainland Premier League season and was eventually recruited by the club.

Mgunda disclosed he had one assist in the trial, which saw Ruvu Shooting confront Mtibwa Sugar, with the two outfits setlling for a 1-1 draw. 

"The match helped me play in another trial match against Tanzania Prisons. I assisted two goals in the game that ended with Ruvu Shooting winning 2-0," he said.

The player said his determination to seek more trials prompted him to head to Botswana and take part in several matches.

"In 2016 I travelled to Botswana and played several trial matches, fournately soccer followers in the country advised me to have another trial in South Africa, I went there and joined Jomo Cosmos Club, an outfit I'm now playing for," he said.

He called on soccer players in Tanzania to ask for trials outside the country and avoid settling for domestic clubs that  sometimes use unscrupluos means to register players.

In one of trial matches at Jomo Cosmos, Mgunda scored two goals against Black Leopards at the Voos Lorus venue in Johannesburg. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

"I also scored two goals against Richard's Bay team at the Thanda Royal Zulu venue in Johannesburg, the game ended with Jomo Cosmos winning 2-0" he said.

He added his contribution at Jomo Cosmos made it easy for him to secure a permanent move to the club and eventually change his life.

"I earned more than 10m/- per month. I did not get such a salary in Tanzania, I built my house in Morogoro," he said.

He also disclosed he is working hard to secure a stint in South Africa's top flight tournament, the Premier Soccer League, given some of the league's outfits' players earn 100,000 rands per month, an amount which equals to 17m/-.

"I'm targeting to earn the amount of cash with a view to supporting my siblings in Tanzania who have more than one talents but fail to achieve success due to failure to, among others, buy equipment and afford costs for training at a gym," he disclosed.

He said club's coaches are not the only people who should be tasked with improving soccer in Tanzania, insisting good salaries for players, medical care and better facilities should also be in place, if the sport is to achieve progress.

"I congratulate Tanzania's coaches including Malale Hamsini, who supported me to reach my dreams, they played a big role in my success much as they were working in difficult conditions," he disclosed.

He disclosed failure to access medical care has forced most of soccer players in Tanzania to quit the sport midway through their career because of injuries.

Hamsini, who coached Mgunda at Ruvu Shooting, disclosed the player works hard in training.

"I took Mgunda for trials when I was coaching Ruvu Shooting in 2015, I was pleased the way he acted on my instructions on the pitch," Hamsini disclosed.

"He is a disciplined player, whose age and physique are qualities that can win him a place in the senior national team (Taifa Stars)."

Mgunda's family's spokesman, Celestine Kapama, disclosed the former enjoys support from the family, noting he is not only improving his family's life but also constructing his own house at Magadu town.




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