Dar swimmers from abroad to feature in national club championship     

12Apr 2019
Renatha Msungu
The Guardian
Dar swimmers from abroad to feature in national club championship     

TWELVE Tanzania swimmers, who are studying and training in abroad, will compete in the National Swimming Club Championships scheduled to take place at the International School of Tanganyika (IST), Upanga in Dar es Salaam on Saturday and Sunday.

The chairperson of the organising committee, Khadija Shebe, mentioned the swimmers as Sonia Tumiotto, Maia Tumiotto, Collins Saliboko, Dennis Mhini, Chichi Zengeni, Natalia Sanford, Smriti Gorkarn and Delvin Barick, who are coming from St Felix Swim Club based in United Kingdom.

Also in the list are Christian Shirima that is coming from Ukraine, Isam Sepetu (South Africa), Hilal Hemed Hilal and Kangeta, who are coming from Dubai’s Hamilton Aquatic Swimming Club.

Hadija noted Smriti, Sonia, Maia, Isam, Chichi and Shirima will feature for the defending champions Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC), while Saliboko and Mhini will swim for Morogoro International School (MIS) Piranhas and Barick will swim for Mwanza Swimming Club.

She disclosed Hilal and Kangeta will swim for Taliss-IST Club and Natalia will feature in FK Blue Marlins squad.

She noted due to the fact that the event is recognized by a World Swimming Federation (FINA) as a qualifying competition, the swimmers have been urged to compete in order to get qualification marks.

She said the national swimming championships are compulsory for all swimmers and, apart from world championships, Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) will use it to select swimmers for other international events.

Hadija said so far more than 200 swimmers will compete in the event, which has been sponsored by IST, Azam, Pepsi, Asas, Samsung, DTB Bank, Kaka’s, Food Lovers, Snow Cream, Kastipharn Ltd and Ruru Logistics.

Other sponsors are Knight Support, Oppotune Travel ltd, Pyramid Consumers, Print Galore, ITV Media, Clouds FM, Subway, NMB Bank and Umoja Grand Belt and Road Restaurant.