Defensive driving training takes off

14Aug 2020
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Dar es Salaam
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Defensive driving training takes off

THE first batch of heavy duty vehicles' (trucks and lorries) drivers turned out at the Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) office to attend a day-long defensive driving course in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Fares Kauli from Fire and Rescue unit attempts to exteinguish fire during a demonstration in the defensive driving course held in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

A total of 60 drivers from Dar es Salaam-based firms Simba Logistics and Transcargo Ltd opened the two and half month prgram aimed at improving road safety in the country.

The Federation International de Automobile (FIA) grant program & Michelin International-organized course is held three days a week from Thursday through Saturday.

Three major topics were covered during yesterday’s course opener as drivers learned and revised road traffic and transportation laws, fire fighting/rescue services and paramedics.

Soon after opening the course, program coordinator Yusuf Ghor, who happens to be the AAT CEO, Superintendent of Police, Deus Sokoni, took a centre stage.

Sokoni, who looked to be confident and at his very best yesterday, reminded drivers the need to understand and adhere to all laws linked to use of road furnitures, transportation, regulations, insurance, licences and mechanical fitness of the vehicles.

Supported by Superintendent of Police Abel Swai drivers were reminded on the need for safe driving to avoid fatalities through careful driving and complaiance to stipulated speed limits wherever they drive.

Gasper Kinyaha from Simba Logistics hailed the training for defence driving saying it has been an eye opener to several issues in road safety. He said the course highlighted some important use of rules and lwas of transportation that keep on changing.

Another driver from Transcargo Logistics, Yusuf Gideon, said the course is useful as drivers have learned how best to work with authorities and safety of pedestrians.

Fares Kauli and Christine Charles took the afternoon session to detail to drivers on the importance of fire fighting and rescue during driving. They highlighted on the importance of installing fire extenguishers in vehicles as well as validity of the equipment in terms of expiry dates. They also reminded drivers on the choice of fire fighting equipments based on the nature of the fire to be extinguished.   

The AAT top notch driving instructor, Samwel Saleh, concluded yesterday’s opening session. Saleh insisted on drivers to have their licences within reach everytime they are on the road as well as taking care of pedestrians particularly school children.

The course continues today with more drivers from ASAS Dairy Products Ltd and ASAS Transporters Ltd firms.

Other firms lined for training of their drivers for the rest of the month include Lake Oil, East Africa International School, Upanga Transport School, Dar es Salaam Independent School, Meck One, UDART-BRT, Cross Border and Bumblee All School Buses. Other drivers are expected to turn out for training sessions scheduled for September and October.

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