Disastrous season to pave way for new era at Simba SC

20May 2022
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Disastrous season to pave way for new era at Simba SC

​​​​​​​THE fact is that Simba SC has been very weak this season compared to previous seasons.

Simba SC players jubilate after one of them scored against Coast Region's Ruvu Shooting in the 2021/22 Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC) round of 16's tie which took place in Dar es Salaam in February. PHOTO: COURTESY OF SIMBA SC

It is weaker than any other squad that Simba SC has fielded in the Premier League in the last five years, that is a painful truth.

This season's Msimbazi Reds are not guaranteed a win either at home or away. It is not guaranteed to win in either a competitive or less competitive match.

How did Simba SC which was a threat last season suddenly become so weak? That is the question that needs to be answered right now.

If this question is not answered, Simba SC will continue to be weak for next season and many more.

The first reason why Simba SC has become a regular team this season is the failure in the transfer windows, Simba SC has not made a big signing this season.

It went to collect a huge heap of normal players and, as a result, there is nothing meaningful they are doing in the league.

Apart from DR Congo national, Henock Inonga, and Malian Sadio Kanoute who have always been the first choice this season, who else is a regular player from Simba SC's new signings? No!

Pape Ousmane Sakho is a good regular player, and Peter Banda is as well regular player, as is the case with Jimmyson Mwanuke, Yusuph Mhilu, and others.

Many will argue about Sakho, claiming that he is a dangerous player. How many goals has he scored in the Premier League this season?

How many assists has he registered? How many chances has he created for the Simba SC attack? Here is where the debate arises.

Up to two-thirds of the season, Sakho has two goals and only one assist. In other words, he has so far been involved in three goals for Simba. Banda has one goal and one assist, Mwanuke has one goal while Mhilu has nothing.

Kibu Denis has, despite being granted Tanzanian citizenship, scored five goals and executed two assists. He has scored just three goals since early this season, is this a real striker? It is ridiculous.

That is a bunch of regular players registered for Simba this season, how can the squad do well with those players?

Second, Simba SC sold Luis Miquissone and Clatous Chama at the start of the season, these were the team spirit.

Miquissone and Chama played a crucial role in Simba SC's success in the Premier League and continental assignments.

There were times when the team was performing below par but they carried it on their shoulders.

Chama is back, but the truth is that he is not yet fully fit. Chama is not the player that had earlier excelled for the side, this one is a little cool.

He is not as a top performer as he was before, last season Chama scored eight goals and provided 15 assists.

There were countless attacks he launched that produced goals in the Premier League. This season since his return he has three goals and has no assist in the league. Is this Chama we know? No.

Third, Simba strikers are completely stuck this season. John Bocco has one goal whereas Chris Mugalu is yet to score in the Premier League so far.

What has happened to them? I do not know but they have experienced a drop in form.

Only Meddie Kagere has seven goals. The irony is that this Kagere with those goals is still not the first-choice striker for Simba.

That is, Bocco who spends most of the time out nursing injuries, and Mugalu, who does not score goals, are the ones playing as the first choice forwards of the first team, it is very funny.

I once wrote here that Simba is full of many old players and that is what happened to its strikers this season. The body can hardly execute what the mind wants, they are very tired.

Simba needs to make big changes in its squad if the outfit wants to do well next season. Otherwise, Simba will see either Yanga or another strong competitor win the top-flight title.

The information I have for sure is that Simba will release several players, many names will surprise the club's fanatics but that is the truth. Maybe the new era may save the best of Simba for the future.

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