DStv to telecast 2019 AFCON U-17 tournament               

12Apr 2019
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DStv to telecast 2019 AFCON U-17 tournament               

IN an effort to see to it that Tanzania continues to impress in international soccer tournaments, DStv Company has officially disclosed it will telecast 2019 AFCON U-17 championship, which will take place in Dar es Salaam from Sunday to April 28.

Director of Sports in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Yusuf Singo, (in black coat) hands a ball to former Taifa Stars player Amri Kiemba when the former attended a ceremony for the launch of a special campaign, known as DStv Inogile, conducted by Dstv Company in Dar es Salaam yesterday. Others are former Taifa Stars players and MultiChoice Tanzania officials. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

The firm has also come up with a special campaign for motivating Tanzania’s U-17 soccer team, Serengeti Boys, to excel in the competition.

MultiChoice Tanzania Head of Marketing Department, Ronald Shelukindo, disclosed during the launch of the campaign, known as ‘DStv Inogile’, in the city yesterday the firm will see to it several international events will be telecast through the DStv Bomba package costing 19,000/-.

The approach, according to him, will ensure millions of Tanzanians watch the national soccer teams and, in turn, boost the support for the squads.

Shelukindo disclosed Dstv will organize the campaign through a variety of means including media websites and advertisements to motivate Serengeti Boys so the side can put impressive showing in the 2019 AFCON U-17 tournament, which starts on Sunday.

“We want to see to it Tanzanians watch our team fight to make the country proud,” Shelukindo noted.

He disclosed DStv has customers all over Africa, thus, beaming the competition, which is taking place in the country for the first time, will see to it the world watch the event and promote the country.

“Beaming the showdown via DStv means a lot to our country, this is one of the means through which our country will be promoted, Africa and the rest of the world should as well know we not only have what it takes to host this tournament but also telecast it.”

Director of Sports in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Yusuf Singo, noted DStv deserves praise for telecasting the showpiece, insisting it is also an honour to the country.

Singo pointed out MultiChoice Tanzania’s contribution in the sport sector in the country has greatly helped to promote sports and bring honour to the country.

“The government values various contributions by such stakeholders like DStv in promoting sports domestically. We believe this cooperation will help us continue achieving success and we will fulfil our plan to turn into a sports powerhouse in the world,” he disclosed.

Former Taifa Stars player, Amri Kiemba, speaking on behalf of his fellow players that turned out for the squad in the past, noted Tanzania has been honoured to host the high profile event thus it is the duty for the country’s people to showcase patriotism and motivate Serengeti Boys to ensure they emerge winners and make it to the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil.

Fikiri Magoso, Dua Said, Lubigisa Madata, Edibily Lunyamila and Sekilojo Chambua were some of the other Taifa Stars’ former players that attended the ceremony.

DStv customers, as disclosed by Shelukindo, will also keep on enjoying other entertainment that include films, soap operas from in and outside the country.

The new season of the Kitimtim comedy, HUBA, Rebeca, as well as a popular program known as Shilawadu Xtra, and the Maisha