With fair schedule, Simba SC would be ahead of Yanga, claims Pablo 

12May 2022
Michael Mwebe
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
With fair schedule, Simba SC would be ahead of Yanga, claims Pablo 

SIMBA SC head coach Pablo Franco Martin has claimed that his side would probably be top of the table if the NBC Premier League schedule was not too tight. Simba SC is the Premier League defending champion.

Speaking to the press ahead of a league encounter with Kagera Sugar, Martin said their rival, Yanga, is now dropping points because the side is playing every three days for the first time this season.

The tactician disclosed: “We had two days to rest, not to prepare for this game as you know most of the time the day after the game is to rest, then to recover the next day. We don’t even have enough players to complete the 20-man list for the game. It is going to be a tough game.''

“Most of the time we are facing a team that has had one more day to prepare for the game. But tomorrow we are playing at home, it is going to be a different game to the one we played in Kagera,'' the gaffer noted.

The Spaniard coach pointed out: “The only thing I hope is that because in Kagera we played a good first half which we should have led 4-0. ''

Martin said: ''We scored a goal that should have been allowed but they disallowed because of handball, then they scored in the second half because of handball, both handballs were non-intentional.”

“We are now in a better pitch and I hope that with things that we cannot control in a fair way we hope to have a better result.''

The coach stated: “It is almost impossible. They have a huge advantage. They are the best teams when playing away. It seems even if we do our job, someone else is going to do something to make it impossible.''

''The reality of the situation is that since they started playing after every three, four days they are dropping points.''

The gaffer pointed out: ''We only dropped points in this league when we played after every three days in a row, traveling, having no time to prepare for the games.''

''People think players or coaches are robots and we can perform anytime. Even for European players, it is impossible to perform every three days.''

“You are not professionals, you don’t have the facilities, you can’t recover, the food is not good, there are no supplements. The trips are uncomfortable so you are spending a lot of extra energy.''

Martin said: ''And now the team that you thought was much better than us but they didn’t show when they have the same schedule are even more points.''

''That’s why I always say with a fair schedule for both teams and fair decisions from things we cannot control we will probably be on top of the table,'' he revealed.