FCC to work on complaints about NBC Premier League sponsorship  

04Dec 2021
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
FCC to work on complaints about NBC Premier League sponsorship  

​​​​​​​The Fair Competition Commission (FCC) has said it has received complaints from some of Tanzania's football stakeholders on GSM Group's sponsorship of the NBC Premier League.

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) First Vice-President, Athuman Nyamlani (R), and GSM Group Investment Director, Hersi Said, pose for a picture with a dummy cheque once the firm sealed the contract with the federation for sponsoring NBC Premier League in Dar es Salaam recently. The two-year sponsorship is valued at 2.1bn/-. PHOTO: TFF

Stakeholders believe the firm's sponsorship will affect football competition in the country, considering the firm is as well sponsoring NBC Premier League outfit, Yanga.

The stakeholders have filed a written complaint early this week, according to FCC Commissioner & Director General, William Erio.

He stated so while announcing the celebration of World Competition Day which is expected to take place on December 6.

The FCC boss revealed the commission will come up with a specific statement on the matter after it is satisfied with its findings.

The complaints were received just days after GSM Group signed a 2.1bn/- contract with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) to sponsor NBC Premier League.

The agreement, signed on November 23, 2021, makes the company a co-sponsor of the NBC Premier League which ranks eighth in Africa in terms of quality.

It has also been revealed that it is only a short time since the company that as well sponsors Yanga had announced its sponsorship of Coastal Union.

"We have already started the process, seeking to know if the sponsorship will not affect the competition in football and the answers to this issue will be provided after we had satisfied ourselves following the rules of the competition and whether it relates to competition,'' Erio said.

He said in a letter sent to FCC, the complaints sought to clarify whether the sponsorship will not affect the competition and Yanga will not benefit more from the competition because GSM Group is sponsoring other outfits.

"I can't say that at the moment because we are working on it. We are like a court... a person can file a case that does not even have grounds but you cannot tell him it is baseless before going through it, so, it will be assigned to a judge to be heard and later either dismissed or given a decision.''

He said he had not yet seen the signed contract but saw the pictures showing the handover of the check.

"Now to achieve this we are asking for some information from various media outlets and we will see if it will affect the competition in any way,'' Erio disclosed.