FDL, SDL outfits ought to have efficient marketing departments

14Sep 2020
Joseph Mchekadona
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
FDL, SDL outfits ought to have efficient marketing departments

TANZANIA Football Federation (TFF) has advised First Division League (FDL) and Second Division League (SDL) outfits to have vibrant marketing departments which can help them source income for the smooth running of their outfits.

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) president, Wallace Karia.

Wallace Karia, TFF president, issued the comments in Dar es Salaam on Saturday at a one-day seminar for the FDL and SDL clubs.

He said many lower division teams suffer financially due to their lack of marketing and innovation skills .

"FDL and SDL teams must come up with ideas which can help them generate income, you must not depend on handouts from well-wishers,'' Karia insisted.

''You can also work together with regional and district managers on how you can look at people for a win-win situation, not handouts," he said.

He also accused the lower league clubs of spending a lot when they are promoted to the Premier League.

The TFF boss advised the lower tiers' clubs to live within their means.

"We have seen teams being financially stable while in lower leagues where they have no viable sponsors, but once they are promoted to the Mainland Premier League, they spend cash carelessly,'' he noted.

''Once the cash ends, they fail to even to honour league assignments, they start accusing us of not supporting them," he said.

Karia said TFF also used the seminar to inform clubs of their worthy to the development of football in the country.

The federation also used the seminar to educate the clubs on club licensing system, fixtures, rules and regulations of the leagues.

The federation moreover handed over a starter pack of 5m/- to each of the FDL outfits and 3m/- to each of the SDL outfits.

The national soccer governing body also promised to add the money to reach 10m/- for each of the FDL sides and 8m/- for each of the SDL clubs.

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