Female artistes to dominate Sauti za Busara 2022 

14Jan 2022
The Guardian
Female artistes to dominate Sauti za Busara 2022 

AS stage is being set for this year’s Sauti za Busara festival slated for next month in Zanzibar, it has been revealed that the event will feature more female artists.

Entertainment revelers flock to a venue to watch a past Sauti za Busara festival's show in Zanzibar.

A statement released yesterday by the festival's organizers said the 19th edition of Sauti za Busara is scheduled to take place from February 11-13  at its usual venue, Stone Town, and is expected to attract performers and revelers from Africa and beyond.

As always, the festival shines a spotlight on live music from across Africa, including young and upcoming talents laying a special emphasis on female performers from Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia.

Among this year’s headline artistes is Sampa The Great, whose unique blend of African Hip-Hop is a journey to self-discovery, a climb to enlightenment as fuelled by her experiences living in Australia, and physical, spiritual, and cultural inspirations from her ancestral home in Zambia.

Sampa The Great has performed at many of the world’s most iconic festivals, winning a wave of adoring fans with her energetic shows.

“We don’t select artists simply because they are women,'' Yusuf Mahmoud, the festival director, revealed.

“All artists at Sauti za Busara perform quality music with originality, innovation, and energy, as will be loud and clear when Sampa The Great (Zambia), Siti & The Band (Zanzibar), Msaki and Nomfusi (South Africa), Suzan Kerunen (Uganda), Fanie Fayar (Congo), and Upendo Manase (Tanzania) perform next month under the banner ‘Paza Sauti: Amplifying Women’s Voices,'' Mahmoud added. 

Other artistes highlights at this coming edition include Sjava (South Africa), Sholo Mwamba, and Wamwiduka Band (Tanzania), Maallem Abdelkebir Merchane (Morocco), Dendri Stambeli Movement (Tunisia), Sylent Nqo and Evans 'Pfumela' Mapfumo (Zimbabwe), Zan Ubuntu and Nadi Ikhwan Safaa (Zanzibar) and many others. 

For almost two decades, Sauti za Busara festival has been the pivot for a regional music ecosystem that expands horizons whilst offering platforms for employment, trade, artistic expression, collaboration, networking, training, and skills development.

The festival is also fostering social cohesion, unity, and solidarity across borders.

Zanzibar President, Hussein Mwinyi, recently commended the festival for bringing many benefits to the islands.

Addressing potential sponsors, he said: “I congratulate the Sauti za Busara team for their great commitment and achievements to keep the festival alive, and special thanks to all the donors and sponsors who make it possible.''

Mwinyi added: ''I also congratulate and thank the many musicians who have made this a globally renowned event that attracts more and more visitors each year.”

Special prices are offered for all Tanzanians attending the event, at either 6,000/- daily or 16,000/- for an all-festival three-day pass.