Feza Schools team win gold, silver medals in debates

23Jul 2016
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Feza Schools team win gold, silver medals in debates

FEZA Schools of Tanzania have managed to hoist the country’s flag high in recent international debate competitions after winning gold and silver medals in the events.

Feza Schools’ students that participated in the international debate competitions in Thailand and USA pose with medals they won in the events.

The schools’ three students participated in three different competitions including the Genius Olympiad in Sunny Oswego, the World Schools Debate in Salt Lake City, USA and World Scholars Cup in Bangkok, Thailand. Apart from winning many medals for their school, the students represented Tanzania well, showing the culture and traditions in the Country Expo Stands.

With silver medals from USA and gold medals from Thailand, the students proved that with better preparations, Tanzania can shine in the international realm of education.

”It was such a great motivation when the Tanzanian team managed to beat four American teams out of six matches. It was, in itself, a big reward that shows all the hard work we had put in didn’t go in vain,” Dennis Rutazaa, one of the debaters, said.

“Apart from doing exams, I think education is broader than that and I think in Feza we get that opportunity of developing other skills that we will need in our lives, other students and other schools,” Collins Nandonde said of the suggestions to be given to other schools.

“I have recently graduated in PCB combination. I’m good at my studies but I never knew that I could speak in front of the public and have an impact until my teacher, Ibrahim Yunus, convinced me to participate in debates. I’m proud to say I will not only be a doctor but also add constructive things to my society.”

“We debated against teams from Minnesota, South Texas and many more places in several topics including dissolution of FIFA, Abandonment of the Trans-Pacific partnership agreement, British exit from the European Union and how to combat the Zika virus,” David Mlabwa, another debater, said.

“The debate, all in all, is constructive and interesting because different people from different parts of the world get to engage each other on current issues.”

“People get an opportunity to show their skills, awareness and the style of presenting personal opinions on issues. It also encourages students to have a broad knowledge and diversity on everything in life.”

“At Feza Schools, our motto is ‘Be better educated’ and we try to realize better education. We know students require extra skills such as team work, communication, self confidence and love of their nation,” the school’s headmaster, Yunus, said.

“We try to instill these values to our younger generation. Currently another team is in Hong Kong for International Mathematics Olympiads competition. We pray for them as they will represent our country in the best way possible.”

In a bid to bring up a competitive new generation with self confidence and problem solving skills, Feza Schools has been engaging students in different competitions nationally and internationally.

Feza is one of few sets of schools in the country that engage their students in International Olympiads in science and mathematics, project competitions in environment and sustainable energy, robotics and information technology and international debate competitions.

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