Fish shoals move into new sports complex, construction

13May 2020
Marc Nkwame
The Guardian
Fish shoals move into new sports complex, construction

THE new sports complex currently under construction in Mirerani area of Simanjiro may as well be used for sport fishing, as it has been flooded by torrential rains currently precipitating in the mining district.

Director of Tanzanite Community Empowerment Organization (TACEO) of Mirerani,Charles Mnyalu.

As rains pound most parts of the Northern Zone, flood water submerging the giant stadium currently under construction has also swept in shoals of fish that are finding the newly planted grass on the football pitch rather tasty.

“The grass is first of all rotting, due to the submerged pitch, but the decaying forage is attracting all types of fish that feed on them,” Charles Mnyalu, the man behind the stadium project, disclosed.

Mnyalu, the Director of Tanzanite Community Empowerment Organization (TACEO) of Mirerani, working on the ambitious project, said the works have thus been shelved until, possibly, next August.

He explained that, there is a large river nearby, which due to torrential rains, was swollen and pumped water into the project area, filling the entire playgrounds and soccer pitch.

Due to that the giant sports complex will have to wait until next year before complexion.

“It is no longer possible to accomplish the project this year, because we first have this flooding problem, then ongoing Corona pandemic which can shake our finances,” he stated.

The proposed Tanzanite Complex, which is large enough to accommodate 22,000 people at one sitting, should be larger than even the Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium of Arusha because the latter takes only 12,000 seated spectators at any event.

It was proposed to have four main sets of stalls, with the largest segment taking 12,000 spectators, followed with the one with 5000 seating capacity, then another with 3000 seats and finally the stall with 2000 seats.

Mnyalu is also the organizer of Mirerani-Tanzanite Marathon and he also serves as patron for Usalama Football Club of Manyara region, which is currently playing in the Second Division League (SDL).

He is also the founder of Tanzanite Football Club which topped the Simanjiro District's Fourth Division League. The patron now wants to consolidate all sporting activities in the precinct under the new complex.

He said once done the grand sports complex will have a soccer pitch, basketball and tennis courts, netball grounds, athletics tracks’ arena, swimming area and training academy, a garden as well as hostel and hotel.

The related Tanzanite Academy training center for soccer development was meant to run alongside the project for the purpose of recruiting and grooming new talents from the Northern Zone regions of Arusha, Manyara and Kilimanjaro.

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