Former France forward to accompany World Cup trophy tour in Tanzania 

06May 2022
The Guardian
Former France forward to accompany World Cup trophy tour in Tanzania 

FORMER French footballer, David Trezeguet, is expected to land in Tanzania courtesy of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour which is set to jet in the country on May 31.

Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Mohamed Mchengerwa, takes the spot-kick to signal the official launch of the World Cup trophy tour in Tanzania. Witnessing are Coca-Cola Company First Director-General, Unguu Sulay (R), and Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) president Wallace Karia (in white shirt). Tanzania has been selected as one of nine African countries where the World Cup trophy will tour. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

The country's sports fraternity members will have an opportunity to see the World Cup trophy for the fourth time.

The tour has been made possible by Coca-Cola Company in collaboration with FIFA and Tanzania is among eight African countries selected to have the golden chance of hosting the tour which is a rare opportunity.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday about the tour, Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports Mohamed Mchengerwa hailed massive support rendered by Coca-Cola Company in promoting the football sector, saying the government will continue to work closely with them.

The minister noted: "As you know, the World Cup is the biggest event on earth which is followed by many people worldwide and for us to host the tour, it is a big opportunity in terms of enhancing football and promoting good cooperation.''

"To be picked to embrace this tour, we need to give ourselves a big acknowledgment because it is an honour which has been presented to us by FIFA showing that they are touched with what we are doing in this sector," he said.

He then urged many Tanzanians to turn up when the title lands in the country on May 31 so that the world should know that the country is sports-loving and all procedures to welcome it are unfolding well.

Moreover, Mchengerwa noted that the sixth administration under President Samia Suluhu Hassan had already shown strong determination to fast track the development of sports and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Furthermore, he assured Coca-Cola Company about the government's commitment to work with them to foster the development of the beautiful game in the world.

Earlier, Coca-Cola Kwanza Managing Director Unguu Sulay said they are thrilled to bring the real World Cup trophy to Tanzania almost after eight years and that it is a big honour.

Sulay said: "This is a big reputation for the country because the whole world will be watching us, see how we are going to embrace this great tour thereby promoting tourism.'' 

"It is not a hidden fact that the sports sector is among the leading employment providers in the country that is why we are happy to venture into this area because many people are benefiting a lot through it," Sulay said.

He added that the tour comes at the best moment when Tanzania is cherishing the Royal Tour initiative championed by President Samia Suluhu Hassan for the sake of accelerating tourism hence the two things are vital.

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) president Wallance Karia admitted that Coca-Cola Company is doing a lot to keep the football sector moving as the firm always works with the federation.

"We still have many projects that need to be financed and I would like to take this opportunity to urge Coca-Cola to give us the much-needed support to implement them well," he disclosed.

According to the available schedule, when the trophy arrives on May 31, it will be taken to the State House where President Samia Suluhu Hassan, who is the only person authorized to touch it, will have the opportunity to hold it on behalf of millions of Tanzanians.