Former Miss Tanzania supports Sinza maternity ward

10Mar 2016
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Former Miss Tanzania supports Sinza maternity ward

THE 2006 Miss Tanzania runners-up, film actor, musician and fashion designer Jokate Mwegelo has urged fellow artists and other stakeholders to support government’s efforts to improve health care of parents as well as children.

Jokate Mwegelo

Mwegelo made a call after visiting the maternity ward of the Palestina Hospital at Dar es Salaam’s vibrant suburb of Sinza yesterday. She supported women who gave birth while marking the international day for women.

Mwegelo donated several items for the maternity ward that included pairs of sandals, variety of cosmetics and other goodies for expectant mothers and new born babies.

She said healthy sector faces various challenges despite efforts made by the government to find solutions. She said due to its importance, stakeholders should support the government by donating to maternity ward and other needy people.

“I congratulate the government under President Dr John Magufuli for earmarking and solve T-scan problem faced by Muhimbili National Hospital and other health-related challenges. Everyone knows what it means to health, no one can do anything in the event of poor health. Getting proper treatment is of paramount importance”, she said.

“The government is doing its best to resolve challenges faced by its citizens and among all provision of health services. I have decided to support health sector as one way iof supporting the government, ”said Mwegelo.

The fiormer pageantry fanatic said she has been impressed by the Palestina Hospital’s maternity ward and plans to do more for the hospital.“As you know, many stakeholders are focusing on major hospitals to give their support while overlooking others that are little known.

Many other dispensaries and healthy centers scattered all over the cities and rural areas also require support but are overlooked or ignored for no apparent reason. I urge artists to give back to the community whatever little they have,” she said.

According to Mwegelo who owns a company by the name of Kidoti, said strategies are to support many other hospitals, healthy centers and dispensaries across the country.

Mwegelo’s business partner Shuxia Bi who is official of Chinese firm, Suining Zerong Commercial said it is good to society especially artists to support government efforts in meeting social challenges for the needy communities. Shuxia said the target is to reached majority among the needy in the regions.

The hospital’s chief doctor Kariamel Wandi expressed his sincere appreciation to Mwegelo and her business partners for the kind support of the maternity ward.