Gov’t must intervene in Yanga chaos - Igangula

13Jan 2019
Renatha Msungu
Dar es Salaam
Guardian On Sunday
Gov’t must intervene in Yanga chaos - Igangula

MBARAKA Igangula, a contestant for the chairman’s post at Young Africans SC (Yanga), has requested the government to intervene in the club’s election in an effort to ensure the club operates peacefully.

Igangula issued the request when he was bringing his campaign to an end in Dar es Salaam on Friday.

He stated that the government should prevent Yanga members, who are opposing the club’s plan to hold the poll, from pursuing that goal.

The club’s election was postponed by the High Court in the city on Friday.

The contestant noted there is every reason for the government to get involved in the matter “given that there are a few members who are keen on perpetrating chaos in the club.”

Igangula affirmed that factions that have lately surfaced in the club were greatly contributing to the chaos that led to the poll being postponed.

The contestant insisted he will continue fighting for Yanga as he is a club member and he had served as a club official in the past.

Igangula disclosed he and the rest of the members who wish the best for the club want to finish up the polls and restore order “so that the club enjoys success the way it did in the past.”

He also called on club members “to elect people who have what it takes to operate successfully as the club leadership.”

Igangula said he and other contestants who share the same sense of mission are the ones that should be elected to office.

He was adamant that the election will be held as planned and he and his team are sure they will win the poll.

The postponement of the poll has motivated his team to surge ahead in the campaign, he declared.

“The club needs to be strong, and the members must avoid being swayed by factions,” he emphasized.

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