Government should hire dance music troupes in national events -Muumin

13Oct 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Government should hire dance music troupes in national events -Muumin

​​​​​​​DAR ES SALAAM's Special Band leader, Mwinjuma Muumin, has asked the government to offer local dance music troupes the opportunity to perform in various national events the same way it does to other genres' artists.

Special Band leader, Mwinjuma Muumin.

Muumin disclosed his request aims at seeing to it the dance musicians benefit from the events hosted by the government.

The musician revealed local dance artists have of late been ignored and that has seen them struggle to stay afloat because they are in dire straits.

Muumin issued comments about the situation prevailing in the local dance music circle, with the music facing several challenges.

According to the musician, the drawbacks include failure by the music to get airtime in broadcast media programs.

"We do not get much chance in broadcast media and we face the same crisis as far as accessing opportunity to feature in national activities is concerned.''

''Dance music bands are not getting an opportunity to entertain people in the events, as is the case for other genres' musicians.''

Muumin moreover mentioned six Bongo Flava artists he appreciates the most as Naseeb Abdul 'Diamond', Faustina Charles 'Nandy', Ally Kiba, Zuhura Othman 'Zuchu', Judith Wambura 'Lady Jay Dee', and Hellen George 'Ruby'.

"I also wish to collaborate with one of them in my band's tracks, they are the artists I appreciate the most in the new genre.''

Muumin revealed mentioning the Bongo Flava musicians hardly means he looks down on the others, insisting a musician always has a particular musician he appreciates, as they vary in level of competence.

"Tanzania has plenty of artists in dance music and even new genre, but I have mentioned those I value the most in the new genre, this hardly means the others are worthless but I'm impressed by those I have mentioned.''

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