Govt to review NSC sports act

28Jan 2016
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Govt to review NSC sports act

The government contemplates reviewing the National Sports Council Act Number 6 which allows sports disputes to be settled in court in effort to match the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) regulations, the parliament heard yesterday.

Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Nape Nnauye

Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Nape Nnauye said it was not right for local clubs to settle disputes in court while the same is strictly prohibited by the world governing body.

The minister was responding to Konde MP, Khatib Said Haji (CUF) who sought government statement on officials of soccer bodies who challenge football issues in court.

“I request those who have referred football matters to courts of law to withdraw them immediately as they contravene FIFA regulations whose aftermath is well known.” said the minister.

He said Tanzania is affiliated to FIFA and complies with its regulations and cannot act in contrary of the international regulations.

Haji in his supplementary question said that Zanzibar Football Association (ZFA) has been embroiled in a wrangle with the vice chairman of the body, Haji Ameir Haji, a situation which has prompted the latter to seek High Court intervention.

ZFA vice chairman is opposing the association’s move to sideline him from getting involved in ZFA’s activities, the decision he claimed contravened the body’s constitution.

Speaking earlier, the Deputy Minister Anastazia Wambura said that various authorities dealing with soccer issues have own organs which handle all football related disputes.

She urged soccer clubs and associations to ensure that they respect their constitutions to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The Deputy Minister also said the government at this time is reviewing National Sports Council of Tanzania Act, 1967 to make it at par with the current situation.

She admitted that there were some sections in the Acts which contravenes with the World soccer governing body rules thus revisiting such sections was vital.

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