Gymkhana Club invites SADC summit delegates to access facilities

16Aug 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Gymkhana Club invites SADC summit delegates to access facilities

DAR ES SALAAM Gymkhana Club (DGC) has extended a warm invitation on behalf of members to delegates of Southern African Development Community (SADC) to access the club's exclusive Club multi-faceted sports activities on daily basis during their stay in Tanzania.

Established initially as a horse riding facility, over a hundred years ago, Gymkhana has evolved into the premier sports and social sports club in the country. 

At a hundred years, it is one of the oldest and largest sports complexes in Africa.

The DGC chairman, Walter Chipeta, noted available sporting facilities include 18-hole golf course, football field, half Olympic swimming pool and cricket field.

Fourteen tennis courts, six squash courts, two snooker tables, a gymnasium, kids' playground and changing rooms are the other facilities the club owns.

There is also a social actively venue with a newly refurbished restaurant and a bar at the main club house plus BBQ hut and a bar at squash section.

Chipeta, said: “we are excited to invite the SADC delegates to experience our excellent heritage.”

“In ensuring that our visitors during the SADC Summit enjoys their stay in the country, we felt that it was necessary to introduce a day pass to the club for the delegates to access the club facilities on daily basis using their conference ID and the club is well prepared to welcome the visitors.”

Chipeta said that a day spent a the Club reveals an environment rich in diversity, a diverse sense of hospitality which is felt right from arrival and it is rich in efficient and friendly staff will attend to every whim. 

He noted a visit to the DGC can never be an intrusion, insisting it can only translate to both activity and relaxation.

He said that fliers have been distributed to the Julius Nyerere International Convection Centre to ensure the delegates get all the necessary information about the club.

“In addition to our facilities are maintained to the highest standards and  there are two on duty attendants on every sports section including lifeguards on swimming pool at all times,” he disclosed.

He added the DGC invites the delegates to visit the Club and experience what brings value to the venue.