Hard work pays off for Simba SC midfielder 

08Dec 2021
Nassir Nchimbi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Hard work pays off for Simba SC midfielder 

SPANIARD tactician, Pablo Franco Martin, now coaching Simba SC, fielded Tanzanian midfielder, Hassan Dilunga, on right wing when the outfit locked horns with Zambian side, Red Arrows FC, in this season's CAF Confederation Cup Additional Second Preliminary Round's first leg match-

Simba SC midfielder, Hassan Dilunga (L), speeds past Red Arrows FC midfielder, Alassane Diarra, when the clubs faced off in 2021/22 CAF Confederation Cup pre-group stage playoffs' first leg in Dar es Salaam on November 28. PHOTO: COURTESY OF SIMBA SC

-which took place in Dar es Salaam November 28.

At the moment it is not surprising to see Dilunga's name in Simba SC's first team.

The situation was different six months ago, if he could be on the field, several Simba SC followers would oppose the coach's decision believing the midfielder did not deserve to be part of the starting line-up.

Tanzania soccer fans allegedly understand the game way better than coaches and professionals who have paid college fees to study football. This is outrageous!

Martin joins a series of Simba SC coaches who improved Dilunga's confidence, this trend begun with coach Didier Gomes at the start of the season, then came Thierry Hitimana.

They have all seen Dilunga deserves to be part of their first team, this could be the answer for those who question the legitimacy of the midfielder's first team position.

This has not happened y chance, all three coaches have given him a chance, there must be something different they either see or get from Dilunga, that is why they give him a chance.

If only one coach would trust the footaller, it would have een a questionale move, ut three coaches did the same.

Often players like Dilunga are the most tactical players, they are the kind of players that fans are not attracted to because they do not see them either score or dribble.

It takes more technical eyes to understand them.

Simba SC midfielder Mzamiru Yassin is another person of this kind, in Yanga there is midfielder Deus Kaseke.

Players of this type are loved by coaches because of their performance on the field, they are players tht perform efficiently once they get opportunity.

You may not get many things from him but you can get one thing for sure.

Midfielder Bernad Morrison can give you exciting dribbles, pin point passes and stylish goals but he cannot give you a point of grip. He will need a hard working Mzamiru to find him a ball.

But someone else might ask you why Dilunga hardly got a first-team place last season?

Does it mean Dilunga has suddenly changed from an unknown performer to a tactical player?

The simple answer is that last season he faced stiff opposition from Mozamican,Luis Miquissone, who is currently struggling in Egypt.

But despite the fierce competition for position within Simba, Dilunga managed to force his way into the squad.

Last season if Dilunga's name would be the first to hit your head it was only a day the side was going to play a tough match outside Dar es Salaam.

While we are there, you can imagine something very painful that Simba officials and fans will not want to hear.

Maybe they did not do their signings very well to find Miquisonne's replacement, which is why a player who was not considered for the chance to play today has managed to make the first team and become one of the most dependable players.

During the transfer market, Simba SC registered more wingers, signing Peter Banda, Yusuph Mhilu, Duncan Nyoni, Kibu Dennis and Pape Ousmane Sakho. All of them have not made it to the first team.

It is a joy to see Tanzania's footallers get a chance, restricting foreign professionals who have been followed and brought to the country for a lot of money, to th ench.

Simba SC has not become a safe haven for Tanzania's footallers in recent years, the midfield and forward line are dominated by foreign professionals.

So far forward John Bocco and midfielder Jonas Mkude managed to regularly make their way through the squad, so when we find someone else to represent us, we should be happy.

Simba SC lovers are the only people who find it difficult to understand their emotional state.

When Miquisonne left Simba SC the outfit was set to find a player with the same ability as the Mozamican.

They did not expect Dilunga to be Miquisonne replacement despite his hard work and dedication.

Dilunga has een deemed to have not reached Simba SC expectations.

If a footall fan hardly agrees with this, the enthusiast has to check Dilunga's statistics.

So far Dilunga has not either scored or assisted any goal, I do not think Simba SC fans are happy with this.

Now come the questions I asked earlier, are Tanzania's footall lovers happy to see Dilunga in Simba SC first team?

Do Simba SC fans showcase dismay watching a player of Dilunga's calier make it to the first team?

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