Hip Hop artist snubs fascination over love songs 

14Jan 2022
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Hip Hop artist snubs fascination over love songs 

​​​​​​​PROMINENT Hip Hop artist, Emmanuel Elibariki, alias 'Ney wa Mitego', has said that he has no plans to dwell on composing and singing either love songs or songs that praise people.

Hip Hop artist, Emmanuel Elibariki, alias 'Ney wa Mitego'.

The singer noted instead he will continue to focus on composing songs that educate people on various aspects including social and politics.

Elibariki, who released a new track titled 'Hunijui' in December last year, issued the comments during an interview on his stance on music.

"I am not bothered by those who claim that I am attacking others through my music, the truth is that my songs are inspiring and I will continue to compose such kinds of songs," the singer noted.

He pointed out that he is aware many of his songs irritate many people, especially those who do not like to be told the truth, but the situation does not make him fear telling the truth.

"First of all, we have to understand that, as an artist, I am not forced to sing what a section of music followers want, I compose what I want to convey to the community, so I am not afraid of anyone whether he is a leader or not, I will tell them the truth,'' he said.

The artist who has of late been riding high in domestic music circles with such hits as 'Shika Adabu Yako', 'Niwachane', and many others, further stated people who have been issuing rude remarks about him do not know him.

Elibariki noted: "There is my song titled 'Acha Niongee', it has sparked an online chat because of the truth that I sing."

"Those who know what I'm singing love my songs, I will keep on exposing those who do not understand me.''