Ihefu FC stadium construction to start in June

07Apr 2020
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Ihefu FC stadium construction to start in June

​​​​​​​CONSTRUCTION of Ihefu Football Club venue in Mbarali, Mbeya is expected to begin in June, officials of a construction firm tasked with working on the project disclosed yesterday.

Ihefu Football Club

Ihefu FC official, Thobil Mshana, said planning, surveying and designing scrutiny of the stadium which will have the capacity of 5000 to 6000 people is complete and they expect actual construction to begin in June.

He said the facility will be known as Estate Stadium and it will have 86 shops which will be rented and six to seven entrances to the stadium.

Mshana stopped short of disclosing the amount of money which the club will use to construct the stadium.

“All is ready for the stadium construction, which will be known as Estate, it will be one of the biggest in Mbeya and surrounding areas,’’ he noted.

‘’It will have all facilities which modern stadia do posses, and it will also have seven running tracks, 86 shops which will help the club generate its own income,” he said.

Ihefu FC plays in the First Division League (FDL) and the announcement of the stadium construction follows a recent visit by Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) leaders in Mbeya.

The TPLB leaders toured Mbeya with the aim of appreciating the region’s football outfits’ efforts and their readiness for implementing Club Licensing.

The leaders observed that one of the biggest challenges clubs in the region face is that they do not own venues.

Infrastructure remains an integral part of the game and also in Club Licensing but unfortunately, many clubs in the country do not have their own stadia.

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