Jaydee takes Isles fans by storm

21Oct 2018
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Jaydee takes Isles fans by storm

Tanzanian songbird Judith Wambura alias Lady Jaydee took Zanzibar fans by storm at a function organized to promote tourism in Zanzibar on Friday.

Tanzanian songbird Judith Wambura alias Lady Jaydee

Fans danced and sang to the tune of the Mainland artiste while buzzying and drinking at the cocktail function hosted by 6 Degrees South.

The exclusive function was also aimed at celebrating tourism in Zanzibar for the past five years.

“Tonight we celebrate achievements of various tourism partners in Zanzibar. It has not been an easy journey; however, we have managed to forge on by overcoming obstacles. Zanzibar has great potential in the tourism sector as many parts of the island are yet to be recovered or developed. I am a forerunner in bringing new taste to Zanzibar tourism, to make it into one of the world’s most exciting tourist destinations,” 6 Degrees managing director Saleh M Said told enthusiasts.

He said his firm had taken Zanzibar by storm at it was one of the major tourist attractions in Stone Town.

He said  6 Degrees South  was a restaurant setting a benchmark that others have tried to replicate for the past five years since it took off in 2013.

On her part, Lady Jaydee said that Zanzibar had good tourist sites which if promoted well will attract even more tourists.




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