Kagera Sugar gaze at relegation cliff

04May 2016
Mohammed Ugasa
The Guardian
Kagera Sugar gaze at relegation cliff

NO body would have imagined to give Kagera Sugar any doubt of premiership survival at the beginning of the season and instead a top five finish was a predictable feat.

Mohamed Rishard Adolf

Ever since the team gained promotion into the top flight berth over a decade ago, the Bukoba-based side has been consistent and never stumbled to this catastrophically scale of earning an undesirable relegation candidacy.

The team with rich background over the years with link to the defunct Regional Trading Company (Kagera RTC), has always been a flagship of the Bukoba football fans when it comes to Mainland premiership.

With three rounds of play remaining on the folding up premiership fixture, Kagera Sugar is swimming against the strongest current of the relegation shockwaves.

The Bukoba side which used to be giant killers whenever formidable teams visit at their Kaitaba backyard, has now been involved into funny soccer business.

The sugar processors are among five teams that have earned points below 30 with three rounds of play. The threat to be relegated is obvious as survival would bank heavily on resurgence firepower.

How they can win the matches to lift up themselves into safe horizon, looks to be not only a possibility, but also a bizarre incident. Coach Mohamed Rishard Adolf is certainly spending sleepless nights as the season comes close to an end in less than three week’s time.

Involved in relegation of two other teams from the premiership fleet in the past, Pan Africa and Police Morogoro, the likelihood of leading Kagera Sugar into survival banks on cumbersome mathematical permutations to be computed by the coach.

Kagera Sugar is actually hanging by a loose thread with four other premiership teams of Coastal Union, Mgambo Shooting, Ruvu JKT, and highly relieved African Sports. Three teams will join the First Division teams at the end of the season.