Karume basketball tourney preparations gain momentum

15May 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Karume basketball tourney preparations gain momentum

THE Zanzibar Basketball Association (BAZA) has said it has reached a good stage in the preparations for the Karume Championship, known as ‘Karume Cup’, scheduled to continue on Sunday at Mao ze Dong and Maisara courts.

Zanzibar basketball players take part in a recent league clash, which took place in the Isles.

It will be recalled that BAZA suspended the tournament to observe the 21 days of mourning for the death of the former President, John Pombe Magufuli, which happened on March 17.

But after the end of the mourning days, BAZA officials decided to suspend the competition due to a few days remaining before the start of the holy month of Ramadhan.

The BAZA vice-chairman, Rashid Hamza Khamis, said when they announced the new dates for the tournament they had already started preparations which are now in good shape.

He noted that they believe it will make the continuation of the tournament more exciting.

He said from the beginning their strategy had sought to provide the schedule in advance and after several sessions, they agreed the league continues on May 16 and the conclusion of the final match to be played on May 25.

"In the matches to be played on May 16, New West will face Nyuki while Usolo will face Millennium and on May 17 the women's teams, New West will host KVZ while KZU will face JKU," he said.

"After the group stage, the first winner of Group A will play against the second winner of Group B while the first winner of Group B will face the Group A's second-placed side and then the winners will be looking for winners from Pemba and Unguja who will compete for the finals,'' he said.

"Let us remember that Karume Cup is being held under the auspices of the family of the first President of Zanzibar and the general of the glorious revolution of Zanzibar, Abeid Amani Karume, under the leadership and chief sponsor Ahmed Karume and preserve all the good he did,'' the official stated.

The showpiece's Group A is made up of Stone Town, African Magic, Usolo and Millennium teams while Group B has Bees, Police, JKU, and New West men's teams.

The women's category consists of JKU, KVZ, KZU, and New West, which will play in a league format and the team that gets the most points will win the championship.

The 'Karume Cup', which is played in both Unguja and Pemba, will have the women's and men's champions rake in cash.

The winners will be presented with 500,000/-, a trophy, one set of jerseys and a basketball, a cash prize totaling 300,000/-, a trophy, one set of jerseys and one basketball will go to the runners-up in both me and women events.

The third-placed clubs in both men and women events will rake in 150,000/-, basketballs and one set of jerseys.

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