Kijiweni Productions to premiere film in Dar

07Aug 2017
The Guardian Reporter
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Kijiweni Productions to premiere film in Dar

A Tanzania movie company, Kijiweni Productions, will be premiering its award winning feature film, T-Junction at Mlimani City, Century Cinemax in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, courtesy of sponsorship from Selcom, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Irish Aid.


 Kijiweni Productions Director,Amil Shivji, said the film’s success has been due to generous contributions and support from long time partners at Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, friends at Irish Aid and further support from Selcom.

 “We are happy that Selcom has sponsored our work, the company has been very courageous and creative...many private companies shy away in supporting local artists, they think they wouldn’t accrue benefits,” Shivji said. 

“But, in the long run, they are wrong. Our daily lives depend on art, art reflects on our way of life. An advertisement and a banner are all works of art, and these companies have budgets for publicity.”

“Despite the hefty budgets, most companies luck creativity, Selcom has come in very strong to change the status. They see they have an obligation to help build an artist’s future and the entire movie industry, “Shivji revealed. 

Selcom Director, Benjamin Mpamo,said the support to Kijiweni Productions was not the first forhis company and noted it will not be the last in the company’s support to meaningful and sustainable ventures in the country. 

“We, last week,were part of sponsors of a three- year campaign to raise public awareness on the fight against fire disaster. We will be working alongside the Fire and Rescue Force, Alaf company and a local organization United Against Crime (UAC),” he revealed.

“Last year we were the first local company to sponsor the Road Safety Week Campaign. We have done all of these as part of our obligation to bring back to the community the little we make in the business we run,” Mpamo said.

“We are now focusing at groups such as Kijiweni Productions. We want to make them attain highest levels of standards so they become competitive within and without Tanzania.”

According to Shivji, T-Junction, film based in large part on the real lives of members of the Upanga suburb in Dar es Salaam, is about the ever-changing landscape of Tanzania’s definition of community as they struggle against the backdrop of class that threatens the dynamics of what it means to be a society. 

He disclosed T-Junctionintroduces two exceptional new talents to the industry, Hawa Ally who plays Fatima,and Magdalena Christopher whose character Maria, illustrates a story of joy and pain with an edgy, crazy and soulful performance.

The film also features veteran Bongo Film actors, Cojack Chilo as Iddi– a quiet man of faith, and Tin White as the sharp and funny Shabani as well as a whole host of new faces to the acting community.

T-Junction, Kijiweni’s fourth film and second feature, will be having its Dar es Salaam premiere after a successful screening at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) that took place in Stone Town, Zanzibar. 

The film opened the festival during ZIFF’s 20th anniversary celebrations in front of a crowd of hundreds including ZIFF’s guest of honour, former president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete.  

The film boasts of three awards, namely Best Actress (Hawa Ally), Best Bongo Feature Film and European African Festivals Award.