Kili Canvas launched in Dar    

11Feb 2020
Joseph Mchekadona
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Kili Canvas launched in Dar    

​​​​​​​TANZANIA Breweries Company Limited (TBL), through the company’s brand, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, yesterday launched the Kili Canvas which will be used to sensitize runners from different suburbs in Dar es Salaam and Moshi to compete in this year’s Kili Marathon-

Dar es Salaam visual artist, Athuman Hamis, who won a competition known as ‘Jiachie na Kili Canvas 2020’, speaks to people who attended the competition’s presentation ceremony, which took place in the city last weekend. Tanzania

- scheduled for March 1 in Kilimanjaro.

The TBL through Kilimanjaro Premium Lager brand recently organized a drawing competition titled ‘Jiachie na Kili Canvas 2020’, which took place Dar es Salaam.

The competition’s participants were supposed to draw an image that portrays some features found on the Kilimanjaro beer, with the image being associated with the Kili Marathon.

Dar es Salaam-based visual artist, Athumani Hamis, emerged as the winner of the competition and was presented with cash prize totaling 2m/-.

He, in addition to getting the cash prize, was required to draw the Kili Canvas for a large scene.

The other winners, placed second to fifth, were also awarded cash prize of 200,000/- each.

They are Donath Kabonda (Gongo la Mboto), Moses Martin (Mwenge Vinyago), August Tairo (Kijitonyama) and George Nyandiche from Morogoro Store Oysterbay.

Speaking during the competition’s launch at the Coral Beach Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand Manager, Pamela Kikuli, said that the Kili Canvas will be located in different areas in Dar es Salaam and Moshi to encourage different runners to feature in the Kili Marathon.

She pointed out that there would be a special chip that  runners would need to have when they run and, when they pass the canvas, they will be photographed and the pictures would be sent directly to their phones.

According to Kikuli, the chip would be available at Mlimani City in Dar es Salaam from February 8-9, it will also be available at Shoppers Mikocheni and Mbezi in the city from February 13-15.

The equipment will be available in Moshi from February 15-16.

‘’This chip is available starting today in Dar es Salaam at Mlimani City. Anyone who loves running can get it from us during this time that we are excited about heading to the top of the Kili Marathon,’’ the official insisted.

According to Kikuli, the Kili Canvas will be located at Masaki, Goba, and Temeke in Dar es Salaam and will be moved to Moshi.

Kikuli moreover congratulated all artists who took part in the 'Jiachie na Kili Canvas 2020' competition for the first time this year, praising the excellence of their work.

She added; ‘’All of the participants did well except at the end of the day we were supposed to get one winner due to the competition rules.’’

‘’I would like to advise our winner that, the little cash we have rewarded him should be used to develop his art along with the other artists around him.’’

Hamis said; “We have every reason to praise TBL, through their brand, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, for their big support to visual artists.’’

‘’Our industry has been ignored for a long time but now TBL have helped us win recognition because we have been lacking sponsorship to boost our profession.”

The competition’s chief judge, Nathan Mpangala, asked TBL to continue supporting visual artists as much as they could to help them expose their works in and out of the country.

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