Kombo Pandu resigns from ZFF presidency 

20Feb 2021
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Kombo Pandu resigns from ZFF presidency 

THE Zanzibar Football Federation (ZFF)'s president Seif Kombo Pandu has resigned from his post.

Seif Kombo Pandu.

By correspondents Ismail Tano & Nassir Nchimbi

In a letter he wrote this week, he stated that he had decided to resign voluntarily, insisting he was not coerced by anyone.

He explained that the reason for his resignation was in the interests of the country and football in general.

He pointed out that his letter has already been sent to the Executive Secretary of the Zanzibar Sports Council and Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Secretary General.

Kombo expressed his sincere gratitude to all his fellow leaders with whom he cooperated with in managing the federation throughtout his time, as well as wishing good luck to future and emerging leaders.

It should be noted that Seif Kombo Pandu was elected president of ZFF on June 2, 2019 in an election held at the Kilimani Training College in Unguja.

Late last month the members of the ZFF general assembly voted for him to retain his position, in which out of a total of 25 votes cast 21 votes accepted and only four votes rejected him.

Prior to Kombo's resignation, there have been many complaints from some of football stakeholders in the Isles demanding his resignation for allegedly failing to manage Zanzibar football.

As a result of Kombo's resignation, the federation will now have neither president nor vice president as his deputy, Salum Ubwa, has been ousted by members of the general assembly for allegedly having no trust in him.

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