Lack of facilities frustrates acquisition of club licensing -TPLB

23Mar 2020
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Lack of facilities frustrates acquisition of club licensing -TPLB

​​​​​​​TANZANIA Premier League board (TPLB) has said lack of modern infrastructure is the main obstacle which many clubs in the country are facing in meeting requirements for getting club licensing.

Sokoine Stadium as pictured in Mbeya recently.

Almasi Kasongo, TPLB Chief Executive Officer, issued the statement after head met officials of Premier League, First Division League (FDL)and Second Division League (SDL) clubs based in Mbeya.

He said by the start of 2020/21 football league season, all elite Premier League, FDL and SDL clubs are required to meet all of the requirements for getting club licensing.

But he observed that the great challenge is lack of infrastructure as many clubs do not own grounds and instead they depend on venues owned by other sports stakeholders.

He said the few venues, which are under clubs’ ownership, are substandard.

‘’We were in Mbeya where we met leaders of Premier League, FDL and SDL teams, the aim was to appreciate their achievements and know challenges they are facing before we fully start to implement club licensing in the 2020/21 season,’’ he noted.

‘’The main problem is that many of them do not own grounds, we will come again to see where have they reached,”he said.

On his remarks, Lucas Kuboja, Mbeya Regional Football Association Secretary General, hailed TPLB for touring the region.

He conceded that the biggest challenge his region is facing in implementing club licensing is lack of modern stadia.

He however said they are doing their utmost to see to it that the challenge is being addressed.

“We have the problem of our clubs lacking their own grounds, this is the biggest problem facing the development of football in the region, the regional association is working closely with clubs to see how we can solve this challenge,”he said.

Many Mbeya football clubs depend on Chama Chamapinduzi (CCM)-owned Sokoine Memorial Stadium for their assignments.

Lack of either venues or stadia does not only affect Mbeya clubs, but also other clubs in the country.


Club licensing was defined in 2006 by FIFA during its congress, which took place in Munich, Germany and came into force two years later.


Some of requirements by FIFA for securing club licensing include sporting infrastructure,administrative and personnel, legal and financial.


The licensing objectives are to ensure clubs have appropriate infrastructure, knowledge and application in respect of management and organization.


Others are adapting and improving the clubs sporting infrastructure and improving the economic and financial capacity of clubs through proper governance and control.