A legend sadly passes away

12Jan 2021
Lloyd Elipokea
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
A legend sadly passes away

Sports enthusiasts and avid sports devotees are forlornly and sorrowfully mourning the tragic demise of Anna Bayi, who was an enormously cherished and immensely esteemed sports administrator on the domestic sports patch.

Anna Bayi

The wife of the bona fide domestic sporting colossus, Filbert Bayi, who, of course, absolutely merits no introduction, Anna Bayi passed away quite recently after unsuccessfully battling an illness.

Despite the glorious and storied accomplishments of her husband, Anna Bayi painstakingly carved out a niche for herself in her own right as a constantly forward-looking and eminently capable sports administrator, especially in the entertaining sport of netball which was very dear to her heart.

A former chairperson of Chaneta, the governing body of national netball, Anna stunningly spearheaded the steady ascent of Tanzanian netball from its erstwhile lowly reaches to international relevance and prominence.

In fact, it was during her transformational and inspirational tenure as Chaneta chairperson that Tanzania was welcomed back into the no-holds-barred arena of ferociously contested international netball and even more critically, that our national netball team, the Taifa Queens, literally took the whole world by storm by leaping from obscurity to a laudable 10th position on the International Netball Federation (INF)’s world rankings.

Indeed, at the time, the feat was viewed quite justly as a breathtakingly staggering accomplishment.

However, it would be a costly mistake to assume that Anna Bayi’s ‘magic wand’ only transformed and impacted domestic netball in a unique and special manner.

Indeed, according to the Athletics Tanzania (AT) Secretary General, Ombeni Zavalla, Anna's Midas Touch as a hands-on administrator also contributed to the advancement of other sports like athletics and football in various respects.

Frankly speaking, it is a bitterly cruel and unjust way for us to begin this New Year by losing one of the leading lights of the domestic sporting fraternity, which, naturally, has been plunged into unrestrained mourning.

As a bard would attempt to put it, a dizzyingly bright light has been extinguished from the firmament of national sports.

Fare thee well Anna Bayi, our beloved and treasured sporting heroine. We entrust you now into the mercy and care of the saints, angels and other heavenly creatures where perfect peace so blissfully resides...read more on https://epaper.ippmedia.com