Let us get ready to rumble

19Mar 2019
The Guardian
Let us get ready to rumble

WITHIN the space of a brief time, the most redoubtable football-playing African nations at the youth level will all beat a path to our door here in the country to take part in the 2019 CAF AFCON U-17 finals, which we, as a country will be privileged to host for the very first time in our-

Serengeti Boys’ players attend training session in Arusha to shape up for the 2019 AFCON U-17 finals, which will be played in Dar es Salaam from April 14-28.


Indeed, if perchance some of you might be thumbing up your nose at the prestige of this championship due to the fact that it is admittedly little-known compared to other continental football competitions such as the CAF Champions League, CAF Confederations Cup and of course the sparkling jewel in the crown of African football, the biennial CAF AFCON finals, then you would all be collectively guilty of committing a serious blunder.

Granted, although the CAF U-17 AFCON finals are not exactly the most well-known of coveted tournaments on the African football scene, this fact should in no way at all diminish the stature of this particular championship.

After all, an earnestly contested competition which during the last few decades has witnessed the explosion of bona fide African footballstars such as Nwankwo Kanu, and Nii Odartey Lamptey among others certainly does not deserve to be ignorantly rubbished as a tournament of little consequence.

Having thus established the credentials of the U-17 AFCON finals, the million dollars question which subsequently pops up is: are we ready as the host country to organize an admirable tournament in which everything runs like clockwork?

Indeed, where the notoriously long traffic jams on the streets of Dar es Salaam are concerned, have enough comprehensive plans been drawn up in order to relieve our forthcoming visitors of their likely frustration?

In addition, in terms of accommodation for the foreign teams, are our plush five star hotels aware of the fact that there can be no room forerror as the U-17 AFCON finals are not just another one of those run-of-the-mill competitions?

This writer definitely hopes so. And, regarding strictly the playingside of things, here’s hoping that the Serengeti Boys can make amassive impact on the championship!



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