Mara basketball association vouches for strategic promotion drive

13May 2022
The Guardian
Mara basketball association vouches for strategic promotion drive

​​​​​​​MARA Regional Basketball Association (MARBA) leadership has revealed it is out to revive the game in the region.

Unguja women basketball squad's Sabrina Abdallah (R) negotiates her way past Jessica Lenga of Dodoma when the squads locked horns in this season's National Basketball Tournament, known as ‘CRDB Taifa Cup’ at Chinangali courts in Dodoma last year. PHOTO: CORRESPONDENT

The Lake Zone region is home to a host of Tanzania's popular basketball players that have excelled in the national team and various local clubs including Dar es Salaam's ABC, JKT, Vijana, and Savio.

Thomas Kamsululu, Mohamed Majura, Peter Benjamin, Alex Mbuya, Godfrey Mringo, Samwel Mahesa, Masatu, Paschal, Norasco Method, and Edward Peter are some of the ballers hailing from Mara.

Alloyce Renatus, MARBA Chairman, stated one of the strategies rolled out by his association is to conduct basketball training programs across schools.

“We have already begun teaching this game to five primary schools and three secondary schools,” Renatus noted.

The official pointed out that his association focuses on strategic priorities necessary to move the body forward to serve through 2021-2024.

Renatus noted the plan was created through a series of strategic focus groups which consisted of consultants, members of the management team, players' representatives, stakeholders, along with contributions from the old peers.

The official disclosed: ''A critical goal in developing this plan was to ensure the strategic priorities presented herein are an accurate representation of the vision under which MARBA was founded as well.''

According to the official, while the strategic priorities are accompanied by action, it is anticipated that improvements will occur during implementation.

To that end, and to ensure that progress is monitored, such a plan will, the official revealed, be amplified by a strategic plan metrics document that outlines various elements.

Renatus noted that MARBA's mission statement is to establish the association as an innovative, highly respected, financially stable, and self-supporting body that is well managed.

The official disclosed the approach will in turn provide a high quality of basketball and the opportunity for clubs to participate following the individuals' ability and aspirations.

According to the official, the coveted regional league is expected to begin after a year calendar is handed over to the association by Tanzania Basketball Federation.

Renatus mentioned teams that will participate in the showdown as Mwembeni, Fox, Young Vita, Bunda Dribblers, North Mara Gold Mine, Mwembeni Queens, Tanesco Queens, and Young Vita Queens.