Mayanja slams KMC FC leaders 

03Apr 2020
Faustine Feliciane
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Mayanja slams KMC FC leaders 

FORMER Kinondoni Municipal Council (KMC) FC head coach, Jackson Mayanja, has expressed his disappointment over the club’s officials’ refusal to settle payment of the former’s salary arrears.

Former Kinondoni Municipal Council (KMC) FC head coach, Jackson Mayanja

The Ugandan tactician (pictured) disclosed KMC FC officials have been refusing to answer his calls when he seeks to discuss the matter with them.

Mayanja that had parted ways with KMC FC earlier in this season’s Mainland Premier League said the club owes him salaries given it had terminated its contract with him.

He disclosed he has yet to be paid the salaries.

Mayanja disclosed he has been phoning with KMC FC top official, John Sitta, who is also Kinondoni Municipal Mayor, to seek to settle the matter but the latter does not answer the calls.

"KMC FC terminated their contract with me, I accepted the termination hoping they will pay me my salaries on time, but the outfit’s leadership has not been acting on the matter, they do not answer my calls,’’ he noted.

"I wanted to settle the matter with them before taking the issue to FIFA but I have not had any response from them since the termination of the contract.’’

Mayanja revealed he has nevertheless been impressed by KMC FC willingness to settle Mrage Kabange, who was the former’s assistant and had as well not been paid his arrears.

"I brought Kabange at KMC FC and we were both fired, they too took long to pay his arrears, he though told me they have now paid him,’’he noted.

‘’It is a good move. I request them to do the same to me because I worked diligently there,’’ the tactician, who also coached Simba a few years back, said.

An attempt to get Sitta’s side of the story proved futile given his phone was switched off.

The tactician has nevertheless tabled the matter before the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF).

It is said Mayanja is required to be paid over 30m/- by KMC FC after the club, which plays in Mainland Premier League, had terminated its contract with the tactician.