Mbuni FC striving to enter top six in SDL

22May 2020
Marc Nkwame
The Guardian
Mbuni FC striving to enter top six in SDL

MBUNI Football Club of Monduli, Arusha is in final preparations to embark onto this season's Second Division League (SDL), after President John Magufuli allowed all sporting activities in the country to resume after eight weeks of hiatus.

Mbuni FC players pose for picture shortly before taking part in one of the Second Division League fixture.

Mbuni FC is now left with one match in group fixtures after which they can enter into top six category of the SDL.

The team is playing in Group A’ fixture of Second Division League, they are currently occupying the second position with 26 points and 10 goals.

African Sports, who lead the rest of the pack in the group, have as well notched 26 points but they have drilled in 12 goals.

In the group's third position stands Eagle FC with 24 points, Rufiji United are holding the fourth position with 21 points.

Villa Squad are holding the fifth slot with 14 points, followed by Mpwapwa United in the sixth slot with eight points and, tagging last, is Mkamba Rangers with six points.

In the coming match, Mbuni FC is scheduled to confront Mkamba Rangers at the latter's venue in Morogoro.

The clash will be a qualifying stage for the Arusha outfit to move into the top six slotting of SDL.

Mbuni, which is an army football squad, is based at the Tanzania People’s Defense Force base of Monduli.

They will soon converge players to start practicing at the camp.

“We also disbanded the team, but most of the members remained here practicing because many are residents of Arusha thus it was easy for them to turn up when needed,” Leonard Budeba, Mbuni FC coach, stated.

Bearing the ‘Ostrich’ label, the army team has a total 30 members, among them 25 that have been in camp throughout the sporting activities' break.

The team's other five members had travelled upcountry, but will be returning early next week to resume camp.

Playing in the SDL placement, Mbuni FC is focusing to win promotion to the next season's First Division League (FDL) in anticipated better performance which is to be showcased by the side in the soon to resume SDL.

“Coronavirus outbreak was major setback for the team because the preparatory budgets had to be used to pay for players’ transport back to their homes, which means the coffers have dwindled,” Budeba said.

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