Mkali counsels irresponsible artistes

05Dec 2018
The Guardian
Mkali counsels irresponsible artistes

POPULAR dance musician, Omary Mkali, has posted photos of his new house on social media websites, claiming the decision gears towards counseling fellow artistes that have no proper plans for their future.

Omary Mkali

"There are a section of artistes that spend most of the evening drinking in bars, therefore, I felt I should show them my new house so they can understand that music is indeed lucrative, if a musician works hard” Mkali said.

The artiste noted he has opened his own studio, as well as building a house he is living in at Mbezi Mwisho in Dar es Salaam.

He disclosed he is now building another house at Kibamba in the city.

Mkali, who rose to prominence when he performed for Chu-chu Sound band, is now a solo artiste and performs at various hotels in Dar es Salaam.

"After completing construction of the house, I’m planning to build a mosque to express my gratitude to God for helping me achieve success in my initiatives,” he disclosed.