Mkude issues apology to Simba SC 

23Jan 2021
Ismail Tano
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Mkude issues apology to Simba SC 

​​​​​​​SIMBA SC's midfielder, Jonas Mkude, has finally come out in public and apologized to his outfit after having been suspended for indiscipline.

​​​​​​​Simba SC's midfielder, Jonas Mkude.

Mkude's suspension was made public on December 28 last year, with the midfielder facing the punishment for alleged misconduct.

Following the statement, Simba SC's Chief Executive Officer Barbara Gonzalez said the saga was still undergoing disciplinary action and a statement would be issued.

On January 21, this year, Mkude (pictured), through his personal social media account, apologized and said there were issues between him and the Simba's leadership.

He disclosed: "I apologize to the players, members, fans, technical bench and management, I ask them to forgive me because a human being is wrong.''

''What I promise you is, such a tendency will never happen again," Mkude said.

Mkude, a key midfielder at the club, had missed a number of games including the return leg of this season's CAF Champions League's first round against FC Platinum of Zimbabwe, which took place in Dar es Salaam.

On January 4 Simba SC's information officer Haji Manara made it clear that Mkude's issue  is still reviewed by Simba SC's Disciplinary Committee.

He stated: "As for Jonas Mkude, it should be noted that so far he is part of Simba. He has not been fired.''

He said: “Mkude is a Simba player, the matter is with the committee, Mkude has not been expelled from Simba and of course after the committee had issued decision, he will return to the club, he is a senior player in Simba for 10 years.'

Mkude was suspended indefinitely at the end of last year for alleged misconduct, delays in heading for training and other matters, which were not made public by the club's leadership.

So far Mkude has already missed several league matches, a CAF Champions League's first round tie with FC Platinum , which ended with Simba SC booking a plce in the showpiece's group stage,

The player moreover missed out on this year's Mapinduzi Cup competition.

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