Morogoro clamps down on residential areas’ festivals

12Feb 2020
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
Morogoro clamps down on residential areas’ festivals

MOROGORO Municipal Council has set up charges for people that organize festivals in residential area with a view to curbing moral decay.

Morogoro Municipal Council’s Cultural Officer, Sophia Kingwahi, speaks to the press in the region last weekend shortly after the municipal had presented her office’s budget estimates worth 25, 775,000.00/- for 2020/21 financial year. PHOTO: MICHAEL SIKAPUNDWA

The council’s Cultural Officer, Sophia Kingwahi, disclosed the development in the region last weekend during the presentation of her office’s budget estimates for the 2020/21 financial year.

Sophia disclosed festivals held in residential areas are charged a much higher fee, given they are associated with moral decay.

The official was responding to a question tabled by Elizeus Rwegasira, Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA)'s district's secretary, on why residential areas’ festivals are charged 50,000/- per one event while people hosting festivals in halls pay 20,000/- per event..

"In 2019 events hosted in residential areas were not charged but, as there is an increase in cases of people dancing indecently in public, the Municipal Council introduced by-law on the issue,’’ Sophia noted.

‘’Over five women were nabbed for dancing indecently in public in 2019, the situation forced the regional authority to come up with new solution for it," she disclosed.

She said the municipal’s Culture Department works under National Arts Council of Tanzania ( BASATA), which has been tasked with approving entertainment events, which take place across the country.

"Military reserves will conduct patrols tirelessly and people, who will be found misbehaving in events, will be punished as per the laws,’’ she noted.

‘’This is an endless operation, please don't hesitate to inform my office of any ceremony, which has people dancing indecently, because such traits breach morals,’’ she insisted.

Ruth John, Morogoro District Executive Secretary, who chaired the meeting, disclosed the municipal’s Culture Department’s budget estimates worth 25,775,000,00/-, have been given green light.

The estimates are expected to be collected from hall's registration, gate collection, live band performances, soccer matches’ entry fees, live concerts, tourism activities and slot machines.

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