Morogoro karate center ranks players

29Mar 2021
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
Morogoro karate center ranks players

MOROGORO's taekwon'do and karate center has ranked seven trainees with black and white belts after completion of shotokan and taekwon'do courses.

Morogoro karate center's student, Naya Wildasin (L), demonstrates Korean martial art under supervision of her coach after the completion of ranking ceremony, which took place at the center recently. PHOTO: MICHAEL SIKAPUNDWA

The ranking ceremony was held in the region recently, with presentation of certificates to trainees that took part in taekwondo and karate courses also taking place simultaneously.

The trainees that were presented with white belts are Treth Wildasin (12 years), Naya Wildasin (10 years) and Meshack Emmanuel (12 years).

The yellow belts category had Samson Focus (12 years), Sezius Focus (10 years), Amos Focus (10 years) and Issa Rajabu (38 years).

Wildasin, a student from Morogoro International School (MIS), thanked the taekwondo center, saying the training will be useful for self-defense and fitness.

She said: ''From today, I will not fear walking alone because I have learned combat sports, karate, shaolin kung fu and tai chi, which help me deal with any attack from another person.''

Sensei Michael Benedict, the center's Head, appealed to parents to empower children's talents in such sports like taekwon'do with a view to curbing diseases including diabetes and hypertension, which can be controlled by exercises.

''I welcome youths to our center, children under 10 years are not charged but those aged above 10 are required to pay 10,000/- each per month,'' he said.

He said his center has already trained over 5000 students who work at private and public offices as bodyguards and security officials.

''Our center now has 43 students aged 5-14 and 67 students aged 15-60, we call on Morogoro community to enroll children at our center,'' he said.

The region's karate enthusiast, Joel Wildasin, who graced the ceremony, called on parents to identify children’s talents during the latter's development stage.

Wildasin maintained parents should as well assist children fully exploit their skills.

He pointed out the parents should not force children to engage in particular sports, which are not in the latter's interests.

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