Morogoro school swimmers impress

05May 2016
Joseph Mchekadona
The Guardian
Morogoro school swimmers impress

Morogoro International School (MIS) collected 38 medals during the just ended swimming championships staged in Mwanza.


The highly competitive event attracted all swimming clubs of the country. MIS chairman Christopher Nikitas said the school was represented by 19 swimmers aged between 7 and 17 at the championships.

He said his school values sports as a vital ingredient of the curriculum. He believes that staying fit and healthy is an essential lesson to teach children and sport is a great way to interact and inject pupils a sense of teamwork, determination and pride.

He also said his school is committed at providing quality sports education to students and pupils at the school and neighbourhood.

The school has modern sports equipments and facilities. Presence of qualified coaches who train pupils in swimming, football, netball, tennis, golf, judo, hockey and other sporting disciplines.

“You know since 2015 MIS has won 150 silverwares at top swimming events and also most of our swimmers have represented the country at international swimming and tennis events”, he said.

During the schools’ international day annually celebrated on March 19, range number of activities were featured.A total of 64 games were played.

The winning team for the girls was from Zambia, a team from Dar es Salaam, and the boys’ competition was won by North Korea”, he said.

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